Month: July 2019

Interest Rates: The Least You Need To Know

You’ve probably heard a lot of buzz recently about interest rates. Today, the Fed is expected to cut interest rates. In fact, the market has “priced in” a 100% certainty that the Fed is going to cut interest rates today. So what does this mean? Why does the Fed control interest rates? How does that […]

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Live Within Your Means Or Expand Your Means?

Dave Ramsey says “live within your means.” Robert Kiyosaki says “expand your means.” Who is right? These two statements sum up the diametrically opposed methods, theories and beliefs that these two financial gurus espouse. So which method is more effective? Should you cut your spending and live as frugally as you can? Or should you […]

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Bank Reserves (or Lack Thereof)

Have you ever wondered how bank reserves work? Let’s say you have $10,000 under your mattress. You don’t want to keep it there anymore, so you walk into your local bank branch and open a savings account. You deposit your funds, knowing that now your money is safe and sound. You can go back and […]

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What Is Inflation? Part 3

Inflation is a hidden tax and it is the most unfair and most destructive of all taxes. In Part 1 of this post on inflation, we discussed how the supply of money relates to the supply of goods and services. In Part 2 we discussed natural deflation and the benefits it contains. Today in Part […]

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