Month: September 2019

Update On The Repo Market Crisis – The Beginning of the End

No mainstream source is talking about this right now. As of the moment of this writing, the top four articles on CNBC are about the trade war, the impeachment, Spider-Man, and house flipping. However, this is potentially the biggest issue unfolding in the financial space right now. If you haven’t seen it already, check out […]

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Contained – From Subprime to Trade

Did you know that the Federal Reserve employs teams of people to write their speeches and public statements? It’s all scripted. Down to the smallest details. They spend hours determining the precise choice of words that the markets hang on. If they say one word that communicates too much caution, or too much confidence, it […]

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What Just Happened In The Repo Market?

Something unnerving took place over the last couple of days in the repo (repurchase) market. The short-term interest rates went up to 10% for overnight borrowing between banks, resulting in the Fed intervening with injecting billions of dollars into the system. Why did the interest rates shoot up? Why did that cause the Fed to […]

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The Oracle Of Omaha On Inflation

Warren Buffet is probably the most successful investor of all time. He briefly held the spot of richest man in the world and has been in the top 5 wealthiest for a large amount of his career. This has earned him the title “Oracle of Omaha” with his ability to consistently invest successfully. When someone […]

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