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The Biggest Con of Our Lives: The Federal Reserve has Convinced America We Need Higher Inflation

The Federal Reserve is considering a much more aggressive approach to raising inflation.  Seeking higher inflation is perhaps the biggest con of our day.  The number one most important thing to understand about inflation is this: Rising prices are not healthy. Falling prices are.  The “deflation bogeyman” was invented in 2002 by none other than […]

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Is The Fed Just Clueless? Or Are They Hiding Something?

Today the Federal Reserve lowered rates by .25% as was expected by the market. Because this move was widely anticipated, most analysts were more curious about what the Fed chairman Jerome Powell would say in the Q&A session following the statement. Here is the entire press conference recording: Takeaway 1: The Fed is Testing the […]

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How and Why the Fed Is Secretly Robbing You

Are you scared of investing right now and keeping a lot of your money in cash? That may be a dangerous strategy in the current economic environments. I recently posted a YouTube video about this topic as well, feel free to check that out below. Summary Beyond your monthly expenses, there are 3 reasons to […]

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What Does Diversification Mean? Hint – It’s Not What You Think

When looking at your investment portfolio, one of the most important keys is to make sure you have proper diversification. If you are not diversified, a single event could impact your entire portfolio. The common advice about diversification is to spread your money out between a few good mutual funds. The problem is, most mutual […]

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