Category: Budgeting

Americans Are Not Prepared For A Recession

It’s no surprise that Americans feel financially stretched thin, stressed, and overwhelmed. With debt skyrocketing, savings plummeting, and the cost of living increasing, it seems that more and more are finding it difficult to climb the economic ladder. Some background on how economics works. An individual can only spend as much money as they earn. […]

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LTCM – A Tale of a “Risk-Free” Financial Bomb

Back in 1998, a company called Long Term Capital Management (LTCM) almost collapsed the global financial system. Most people haven’t heard about this story, though, because at the time this happened, those involved tried to keep it under wraps. There are a few books that chronicle the story in great detail, but I will outline […]

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Live Within Your Means Or Expand Your Means?

Dave Ramsey says “live within your means.” Robert Kiyosaki says “expand your means.” Who is right? These two statements sum up the diametrically opposed methods, theories and beliefs that these two financial gurus espouse. So which method is more effective? Should you cut your spending and live as frugally as you can? Or should you […]

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