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The Lindy Effect: Why Gold Will Still Be Money In 2,000 Years

There has been a gold standard uninterrupted in world history for 2,500 years. Until 48 years ago. For the last 48 years, money has been nothing but paper. In this post we are going to take a look at why gold’s history predicts a long future for itself, and why that means things like bitcoin […]

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Live Within Your Means Or Expand Your Means?

Dave Ramsey says “live within your means.” Robert Kiyosaki says “expand your means.” Who is right? These two statements sum up the diametrically opposed methods, theories and beliefs that these two financial gurus espouse. So which method is more effective? Should you cut your spending and live as frugally as you can? Or should you […]

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Uncle Sam Terrified Of Big Tech + Crypto

This weekend, an alleged bill surfaced online that would outlaw companies like Facebook from creating cryptocurrencies like Libra, the one it is currently trying to develop. The bill is called the “Keep Big Tech Out of Finance Act,” and you can view the draft here. This news comes only a few days before the scheduled […]

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