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What Does Diversification Mean? Hint – It’s Not What You Think

When looking at your investment portfolio, one of the most important keys is to make sure you have proper diversification. If you are not diversified, a single event could impact your entire portfolio. The common advice about diversification is to spread your money out between a few good mutual funds. The problem is, most mutual […]

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Supply and Demand of Money For Dummies

Most people understand how supply and demand influence the prices of products and services. If you have gas stations on every corner, all else being equal, they will compete with lower and lower prices to earn more and more business. But that one gas station that is in the middle of the interstate without another […]

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Unpopular Opinion: There Is No Such Thing As Democratic Socialism

I’ve heard this term come up a lot lately, especially by certain presidential candidates: Democratic Socialism. It’s meant to give one a picture of utopia. It makes you think there is a goal we can strive for where we all retain our individual liberties, get to vote for the things we want, yet have all […]

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Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager Says This Is The 1930​s All Over Again

Ray Dalio runs the largest hedge fund in the world, Bridgewater Associates. His fund successfully navigated the Great Recession. Ray Dalio has also done extremely extensive research on debt crises over the last 100 years and wrote a book about his findings, Big Debt Crises. Most recently, he wrote an article on LinkedIn that displays […]

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