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The Second Repo Crisis Just Days Away – And This Time It Will Be Worse

September 16th marked the beginning of the recent repo crisis. If you are unfamiliar with the repo market, I highly suggest watching this video before you read this post. Since then, the Fed has been in emergency mode, effectively “bailing out” the overnight cash repo markets continuously. These efforts were supposed to allow banks some […]

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The Difference Between Money and Investments – Part 1

What is the difference between money and an investment? Even if there is a difference, does it matter? Today we will briefly define both, then dive into money. Tomorrow we will cover investments in detail. Let’s start with definitions. We will look at what Webster has to say about each, then I’ll give you my […]

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The Lindy Effect: Why Gold Will Still Be Money In 2,000 Years

There has been a gold standard uninterrupted in world history for 2,500 years. Until 48 years ago. For the last 48 years, money has been nothing but paper. In this post we are going to take a look at why gold’s history predicts a long future for itself, and why that means things like bitcoin […]

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New App Lets You Transact in Gold

There is a company new to the US that lets you transact in gold. I’ve spoken many times before about how gold is “real money” but that is only in terms of a store of wealth. US dollars are still needed in order to transfer wealth. People haven’t used gold as a medium to make […]

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