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The Second Repo Crisis Just Days Away – And This Time It Will Be Worse

September 16th marked the beginning of the recent repo crisis. If you are unfamiliar with the repo market, I highly suggest watching this video before you read this post. Since then, the Fed has been in emergency mode, effectively “bailing out” the overnight cash repo markets continuously. These efforts were supposed to allow banks some […]

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Is The Fed Just Clueless? Or Are They Hiding Something?

Today the Federal Reserve lowered rates by .25% as was expected by the market. Because this move was widely anticipated, most analysts were more curious about what the Fed chairman Jerome Powell would say in the Q&A session following the statement. Here is the entire press conference recording: Takeaway 1: The Fed is Testing the […]

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How and Why the Fed Is Secretly Robbing You

Are you scared of investing right now and keeping a lot of your money in cash? That may be a dangerous strategy in the current economic environments. I recently posted a YouTube video about this topic as well, feel free to check that out below. Summary Beyond your monthly expenses, there are 3 reasons to […]

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Supply and Demand of Money For Dummies

Most people understand how supply and demand influence the prices of products and services. If you have gas stations on every corner, all else being equal, they will compete with lower and lower prices to earn more and more business. But that one gas station that is in the middle of the interstate without another […]

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