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The Superpower Bias: Why “Time In The Market” Might Be Past Its Prime

If you’ve been around any standard financial advice, you’ve probably heard the phrase, “Time in the market is more important than timing the market.” It’s a phrase that is meant to convey a few things. First, don’t try and predict when good and bad market times will be because if you are wrong, it could […]

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Unpopular Opinion: There Is No Such Thing As Democratic Socialism

I’ve heard this term come up a lot lately, especially by certain presidential candidates: Democratic Socialism. It’s meant to give one a picture of utopia. It makes you think there is a goal we can strive for where we all retain our individual liberties, get to vote for the things we want, yet have all […]

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Who Is Investing In This $15 Trillion Of Negative Yielding Debt?

As you may have seen, there is about $15 trillion of negative yielding debt globally right now. This means that instead of getting paid interest to loan this money, they are getting charged to loan this money. You give me $100 and I give you back $99. Who is taking part in this stupidity? Clearly […]

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“The New Normal” Is The Most Dangerous Phrase In Economics

“Stock prices have reached what looks like a permanently high plateau.” -Irving Fisher, October 1929 Although there are very clear patterns of booms and busts throughout history, the tendency of mankind is to look only at the very recent past to predict the future. History, however, unfolds and rhymes in much longer patterns than five […]

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