Financial Heresy


How to grow, control, and protect your wealth with the secret strategies your financial advisor will never tell you about




This book is not for you if you view yourself as a victim. If you think there is nothing you can do to help yourself out of your garbage financial situation, don’t read this book.

This book is not for you if you are already independently wealthy, financially literate, and protected against coming economic storms.

This book is not for you if you enjoy paying other people to handle your money for you and don’t want to know exactly what they are doing with it. If you like being vulnerable to recessions and crashes, this book is not for you.

For those of you still left, welcome to the few. You’re about to join the few who understand what money really is and how it works. You will learn how to control your own money instead of blindly following expensive, subpar advice. You will learn how to protect your wealth from the inevitable financial storms that most are left vulnerable to. In this book, you’ll learn the following:

-Debt elimination
-Powerful budgeting techniques
-Maximizing investment performance while minimizing fees
-Hedging strategies to prepare for the next global financial catastrophe
…and much more!


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