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Full Financial Planning Consultation


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There is no need to hire a financial advisor and pay 1-2% of your life’s savings every single year.

Participate in one planning session, get your finances in order, and walk away with an action plan that will serve you for the next 5-10 years.

Here is what you will get:

  • Consolidated Financial Statement
  • Spending Plan
  • Optimized Debt Payoff Plan
  • Holistic Investing Plan
  • Custom Financial Freedom Blueprint
  • Copy of Joe’s Book: Financial Heresy

Consolidated Financial Statement

In order to know where you are going, we first have to know where you are. We will dive into the details and create your personal balance sheet (assets and liabilities) and cash flow statement (income and expenses).

Spending Plan

Commonly called a budget, we will look at your expenses and plug all the leaks. After the leaks are found and plugged, we will redirect that extra found money to more productive areas.

Optimized Debt Payoff Plan

There are always ways to expedite freedom from debt. Sometimes that includes debt consolidation, sometimes it just needs re-ordering of debts to get paid off. Everyone’s situation is unique, and we will find the best course of action to slay your debt as fast as possible.

Holistic Investing Plan

Investing is arguably the most important piece of the puzzle here. The number one difference between the poor and the rich is this: the rich buy assets, and the poor buy liabilities. We will look at your work-sponsored retirement plans, your hard assets (like a home), your savings, and any other assets you have. We will consolidate where necessary, remove redundancies, and streamline your investing so that it is lean, mean, and gets you to financial freedom as fast as possible.

Custom Financial Freedom Blueprint

Finally, we will wrap it all together. A step-by-step plan that incorporates the details from the consultation. You will know exactly what you need to do next, and you will be able to have confidence that you are moving in the direction you want.